Buying a Home?

Do you need a thorough home inspection of a property you are interested in purchasing? Need an Inspector to see past the outershell and get to those hard to reach places?
As Certified Inspectors, we look for possible hidden issues through directed inspection methods. We use a 127 point Inspection format for complete analysis.

Selling a Home?

Having your home inspected for potential issues shows great care for the property and those who may purchase it. This shows potental buyers, you went ahead to find and expose possible issues that may be unnoticed by the untrained eye. If issues are found you now have the time to get proper quotes and make needed repairs.
Sellers and Realtors alike have praised our services and how this helps for a smoother process with less chance for delays.

Don't lose the Sale!! Call Today.

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Our COMPREHENSIVE services include:

  • Complete Home Inspections
  • Licensed Electrical Services (state of ME)
  • Water Testing Services
  • Radon Air and Water testing
  • Attic/Crawl Space Evaluation
  • Roof System Evaluation
  • Exterior Perimeter and Maintenance Inspection
  • Mobile Home Inspections 
  • Deck, Railing, and Stair System Evaluation